TSAWWASSEN FIRST NATION: Working with the community to develop a vision, goals, and objectives

Tsawwassen First Nation defines a vision and long-term goals every 5 years in their Strategic Plan. Their Strategic Plan for 2018-2023 was developed in 2017 and early 2018.

Developing the plan involved extensive member consultation. Consultations started with a workshop during the 2017 Members Gathering with about 100 members participating. Staff asked Members about their vision for Tsawwassen First Nation and developed a draft vision statement and strategic goals based on the input received.

Staff then developed a comprehensive engagement strategy to further refine the draft vision statement and strategic goals. They conducted eleven family meetings, three community meetings, an online survey, and planning workshops with the Legislature and managers. Through these activities, staff refined the draft vision and goals and identified specific objectives and potential success measures. The plan was ultimately reviewed and approved by the Executive Council and the Legislature.

Source: Tsawwassen First Nation Strategic Plan, 2018-2023.


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