TLA’AMIN NATION: Using administrative data to track outcomes

Real Case Study

When Tla’amin Nation was negotiating their first five-year Fiscal Financing Agreement (FFA), they gathered information about their fiscal needs. One of the needs they assessed was the number of citizens on social assistance. Their assessment showed that there were 50 employable citizens on social assistance in 2011.

Based on this assessment, Tla’amin Nation decided that they would focus efforts on decreasing the number of employable citizens on social assistance. The Nation introduced a variety of new interventions to work towards this outcome, including hiring an Employment Development Coordinator to work one-on-one with social assistance recipients, running training programs to help members overcome common employment barriers, and providing work gear.

Tla’amin Nation continued to track the number of employable members on social assistance using a spreadsheet. Since implementing the new interventions, Tla’amin has seen a decrease in employable citizens on social assistance from 50 to 6. Tracking this piece of data over time has demonstrated that Tla’amin Nation’s new interventions are working.