SULINGITUK GOVERNMENT: Decision to undertake a census

Fictional Case Study

While the Sulingituk Government has decided to undertake a comprehensive primary data collection exercise, they have not determined the exact form that this exercise will take – the big decision they are faced with now is whether to undertake a census of their entire population (members plus those living on lands), a census of members only, or a survey among a representative set of members.

To make this decision, the Sulingituk team connects with both leadership and senior administration about their desired outcomes of this exercise. Leadership emphasizes their interest in connecting with all members, as the last time a similar effort was undertaken was in the decision to assume self-government seven years previously. Administration is clear that they have interests in understanding the needs of smaller groups – including those with unstable housing and gender diverse persons  – who are otherwise not well represented in the planning and programming of the Sulingituk Government. As both leadership and senior administration confirm the availability of budget for a comprehensive project, the decision is made to undertake a census, attempting to reach all Sulingituk members and those living in their households.

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