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Alberta First Nations Information Governance Centre Privacy Law Template

The Alberta First Nations Information Governance Centre has developed a Privacy Law Template which also addresses access to information.

Alberta First Nations Information Governance Centre’s Data resources and challenges for First Nations Communities

Provides an overview of external sources of data, including challenges and potential solutions. Reviews issues with context, quality, jurisdiction, content, and community resources and capacity for data access.

ARMA International (ARMA)

A non-profit organization that provides information and certification for information governance professionals.

Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA)

A non-profit organization that enhances the archival profession in Canada and provides leadership of the profession, including government advocacy and education programs.

Contracts & Agreements

Provides information on six types of contracts you may use in your data governance and management projects:

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Memoranda of Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding
  • Information/Data Sharing Agreements
  • Disclaimers
  • Consents
  • Research Agreements


Access to online post-secondary courses from international universities and industry educators. Much of the course content is available free of charge.

Creating a Vision, Principles, and Objectives for Data Governance and Management

The Indigenous Community Development National Strategy  (ICDNS) is a jointly-developed approach to building and investing in strong, effective, and sustainable Indigenous governments and services. ISC and CIRNAC are working with Indigenous Advisors from across the country to implement the national Strategy. As the Strategy is implemented in each province and territory, a regional Working Group and Implementation Work Plan will be developed. The Strategy will provide support to community planning initiatives. Over the next phase of implementation, training for entry-level Community Planning Facilitators will be piloted. A continuum of capacity development training options will be developed to provide on-going learning and networking opportunities for Community Planning Facilitators.