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Following an external standard or best practice, such as an ISO Standard, can help to ensure that your SGIG is using processes that are broadly accepted as reliable, consistent, and accurate. Your SGIG may also be interested in whether software systems that you consider purchasing are compliant with certain national or international standards. To read about standards that are relevant to data governance, see the downloadable resource document “Standards and Best Practices.”

SGIGs should note that standards are meant to promote universality and are designed by professionals and authorities external to your community (and often external to Canada). Data your SGIG gathers, especially any data containing Indigenous Knowledge, might be decontextualized by metadata standards [1].

[1] Montenegro, M. (2019). Subverting the universality of metadata standards: The TK labels as a tool to promote Indigenous data sovereignty. Journal of Documentation, 75(4), 731-749.

The webinar below is a presentation by Bobbi Bishop and Stuart Rennie on information governance and management, including standards and best practices. For more webinars covering content in this toolkit click here.

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