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Expanding the Toolkit: Introducing the Applied Community Well-Being Tools

Since launching the Data Governance and Management Toolkit, SGIGs have continued their collective work to grow data capacity, supporting each SGIG to exercise their data sovereignty and use and manage data for the well-being of their peoples and territories.

In response to the evolving needs, interests, and priorities of SGIGs as they relate to data, a standalone set of tools, the Applied Community Well-being (CWB) Tools, was developed by the SGIG Data Steering Committee (DSC) in 2023. These applied tools specifically support SGIGs to understand and report on community well-being from an Indigenous perspective. This initiative significantly enriches the resources available to SGIGs on this Toolkit, without replacing the valuable content and materials that already existed.

The suite of applied CWB tools has been added as a new tab in the top navigation on the website, titled “Applied Tools”. Here, SGIGs will find an updated data capacity assessment, data governance framework, conceptual well-being framework and facilitation tool, indicator guide and recommended indicators, information on primary data collection and analysis, a custom interactive data visualization dashboard, and workplan and costing guidance for a primary data collection project.